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President’s Message

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December, 2016

July, 2016 (Underwriting Success Story)

June, 2016





Please don’t get me wrong—we know what we’re doing over here. H.D. Mooers and Company has somehow survived for three generations, and nearly 80 years, in the impaired risk market.

We know how to say Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia, even if we’re not entirely sure what it means.

We know Diabetes better than anybody, even most underwriters, and probably most diabetics.

We have weight charts, we can calculate cholesterol ratios. We know where to send smokers, whether it’s cigarettes, cigars, or marijuana.

So does our competition, for the most part. Manuals are manuals, guidelines are guidelines. So it’s not only what you know. It’s perhaps 50% what you know.   The difference maker, the ‘value add’, is what you do with what you know, and who you know, and how you use what you know with who you know to get what you need.

That, in a nutshell, is how H.D. Mooers has stumbled along for the last 77 years.

Want proof?

George Young, a wonderful underwriter, recently retired after over 30 years with the Genworth family of companies. When we sent him a note of congratulations, he said: “I have been honored to have worked with, and known, one of the Greatest Families ever associated with Life Insurance.”

Want proof you can use?

I have a case on my desk right now. We started at Lincoln, and they made a decent offer of Standard. The premium was too high, so I shopped the case, and got a tentative Preferred offer, after speaking with United of Omaha’s Chief Underwriter, who is a genuine friend.

Yesterday, a Drug Questionnaire, a Foreign Travel Questionnaire, and a Business Insurance Supplement were listed as requirements.

I made a phone call, and today, the case was approved Preferred. All outstanding requirements were waived.

That’s how we separate ourselves from the rest.

Thankfully, there is still an art to all of this.

Let us utilize our unique skills on your next case. And the many after that.