We Delivered, Now So Can She

We’ve been working with an agency in the South Bay for years. My dad worked with their dad, I work with them, and I just LOVE Victoria, their Office Manager, and an agent.

Here’s some of a recent email she sent me-an email with the Subject of “Life Insurance for the most dangerous country on earth”:

I have a tricky situation for you. I need to get life insurance for my sister-in-law, but currently she is here on a visa and is still a citizen of El Salvador. When I tried several years ago to get life insurance for my father-in-law who is here on the same type of permit, even though they have all been here for over 20 years, there didn’t seem to be a carrier willing to write coverage for someone with Salvadoran citizenship. Any chance you would have any carriers that would take this on nowadays? I don’t even care how expensive it is (well, okay, that’s a lie), but I legally have to find coverage for her somehow because she is going to be carrying my baby very soon. Yep, you read that correctly! Any help you can provide or any direction you can point me in would be much appreciated.

We then found out that her visa is the “temporary protected status” that was cancelled in January. So her status is stable here until September 2019 when she’ll be forced to return to “that sh**hole country”.

Thanks to our friends at Prudential, we were able to issue a Best Class policy. I’ve never been so proud and excited to deliver a $269 annual premium, ever.

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