We Need a Miracle!


We applied for 3 policies — 2 for personal, 1 for business.  Very successful woman and business owner.  She’d bought a Preferred Best policy in 2009, so we expected the same.

She was declined.  According to her records, she had hepatitis B-we knew that.  But the records also said she had hepatitis delta, and ‘hcc’-liver cancer as a result of hepatitis.

So we formed a team.  It consisted of:
  1. The agent and us, the usual suspects.  But we expanded the team to include:
  2. The Proposed Insured
  3. The Underwriter and Medical Director
  4. The Proposed Insured’s MD
And TOGETHER, we got some new tests done, some records updated, many huge sighs of relief, and ultimately, a Standard approval.  Not bad.
But not good enough.  We found another carrier willing to go Standard Plus (due to the chronic Hep B), so we packed up all 3 applications and moved.