Our Favorite Case of the Year

This one was downright FUN.

Chris is an extremely healthy and successful Silicon Valley executive. His Start Up company is poised to change his industry forever—it just hasn’t happened yet. The company wanted a $6M Key Man policy.A brief history of some of the hurdles we overcame:

  • He likes to do “poker runs”, where he and his friends take their super-fast speed boats out on the open water in what can be defined as races.
  • He likes to SCUBA in places like Thailand, French Polynesia, the Caribbean, Micronesia, and Fiji. (I’ve never even HEARD of some of those).
  • He had a “whole in his heart” fixed LAST YEAR.
  • Oh, and the company is ‘losing’ millions of dollars a year.

But we pushed, and pushed, and pushed. Working closely with the agent AND the client, we uncovered more and more financial information, and went back to the underwriter no fewer than 6 TIMES before she changed her mind.  We put the policy in force, at a Preferred Non Smoker rate.

HD Mooers and Company is a small agency. It’s what makes us BETTER. We will do WHATEVER it takes to place your case.