The Doc from the Doc

Adam is a doctor, meaning he’s a lousy patient.
We found him a Best Class policy in 2015, when he was 69, even though he had zero health records. We came back for more last month, heading to Pru, the same carrier. But he’s 72 now, and Pru’s guidelines are different. So we need an APS. Otherwise, Pru said, no better than Standard Plus-which is still a pretty good offer on a case like this.
But Adam found a doctor, went to see him, and got a clean bill of health. And Pru approved him. At Standard Plus. Whoa. Hold on a minute here. We took it to management at Pru. Standard Plus. So we took it to an Officer.
And we GOT IT. Best Class on a 72 year old with very little medical history.
Bring it.